• Fallen Leaves Fragranced Natural Rapeseed & Coconut Wax Melts 
  • This gorgeous fragrance has top notes of citrus, and freshly ripened raspberries, subtle floral middle notes, with apples and pine on a complex base of jasmine, woods and spices.
  • This scent is a limited edition
  • Hand-poured in small batches
  • Created using natural rapeseed and coconut wax  and the finest, healthiest fragrances
  • Packaged in a six-segment deli pot.  Our deli pots are made in the UK from 88% recycled materials and are fully recyclable
  • CMR Free (healthier fragrances)
  • Paraben Free
  • 28g net weight
  • 12 -18 hours fragrance approximately
  • All Dottie Blue wax melts are lovingly handmade and therefore some designs and colours may differ slightly from batch to batch.  The weight per item is a minimum weight - you may often receive slighty more - especially if I over-pour!
  • *White dusting on your wax melts is called 'frosting' and is  a normal occurence in wax melts and candles - it is not a fault and will not interfere with the gorgeous scent of the product
  • Also, some fragrances can cause the wax to crack more easily in their pots, again this is usual with natural wax products and does not affect the scent of the wax melt
  • *Please read and retain the CLP safety label and KEEP WAX MELTS AWAY FROM CHILDREN & PETS! DO NOT EAT!

Fallen Leaves Deli Pot