💙 Dottie Blue Wax Melts 💙

💙Some of my wax melts are made to order - especially during busy times.   Please message me to check despatch times, if you need your melts by a particular date.

✔ Handmade
✔ Highly Scented
✔ Coconut & Rapeseed Wax
✔ Cruelty Free
✔ CMR free
✔ Vegan Friendly
✔ Eco Friendly
✔ GMO Free
✔ Paraben Free
✔ Palm & Soy Derivative Free
✔ Halal and Kosher certified wax
✔ 100% Recyclable Packaging
✔ Eco Friendly, non-toxic Glitters & Colours
✔ Free Delivery

💙Please message me, if you would like more information and detail about the scents - I'm always happy to help!💙


💙Daisy Fields - similar to a well-known designer perfume of similar name *             BEST SELLER
💙Aphrodite - similar to a well-known designer perfume
💙Wildflower Meadow - similar to a well-known designer perfume *BEST                SELLER
💙Coconut Lime
💙Gardenia - strong floral scent
💙Baby Powder *BEST SELLER
💙Fairy Dust - powerful and sweet bubblegum scent *BEST SELLER
💙French Vanilla - gorgeous creamy vanilla scent
💙Dark Queen - similar to a well-known designer perfume *BEST SELLER
💙Enchantress - pomegranate, raspberry, plum, lime zest and vanilla mix
💙Graceful - similar to a well-known designer perfume - clean, musky, soap and water scent - gorgeous!

💙 Why is Dottie Blue Different? 💙

✔ Our melts use CMR FREE FRAGRANCES -

✔ Small UK Business
✔ Fully CLP Compliant & Insured
✔ Handmade
✔ Healthier Scents
✔ Coconut & Rapeseed Wax, which is superior to Soy and other waxes
✔ Earth-friendly

💙 Additional Product Information 💙

* Deli Pot Melts (approx' 45g pot) you will receive EITHER 'heart' shapes deli pot or 'triangle' shapes Deli Pot


💙Dottie Blue wax melts will be sent to you in either a small box or a padded         envelope that should fit through your letter box. Wax is a
    fragile material and can crack and split due to changes in temperature and      room/storage conditions or during transit. This will not
    affect the quality of the product.
💙Some 'frosting' or 'dusting' may occur, but this is entirely normal due to            the natural wax used and will not affect the quality of the
💙As the products are all handmade, some variations in colours and designs        may occur. This does not affect the quality of the product or
      the scent
💙Dottie Blue Wax Melts are created for use in tealight burners only. Please          do not use them in electric burners as they do not give off the
      same scent throw due to lower temperatures-

      Please do be aware that your wax melts may contain 'random glitter' - not          part of the design.
     Anyone who has worked with glitter will know that it has a habit of                         sneaking into unwanted places no matter how diligent the cleaning                     methods are! Think of it as a free gift!

💙 Instructions for Use💙

💙Place one, two or several melts (depending on size of melt and room size) into the well of your burner. As the melt warms from the heat
of the tealight, the scent will disperse throughout the room.
💙Re-melt the wax again and again until the scent has depleted then remove your old wax ( soak up the melted wax with a cotton ball or
piece of kitchen towel - and replace with new melts!

Wax Melt Deli Pot 3 for £10.00